Origin/APLNG Trail Ride

Trail Ride Registration – Horse Riders, Horse-drawn vehicles, support crews

2-day, 76-kilometre Trail Ride from Surat to Yuleba Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th August 2024

Adult participant $50, Child $15; Support crew $15, Passengers $15

Surat – Cobb & Co Way – Yuleba

Please read the Trail Ride information below.  Once you have signed up, further information (& the obligatory paperwork) will be provided.


Trail Ride Meals Full Track option – Horse Riders, Horse-drawn vehicles, support crews

Swaggie’s Pack  Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th August 2024

$100 Surat – Cobb & Co Way – Yuleba

Available to registered Trail Ride participants, passengers and support crews only.  Swaggie’s Pack includes all meals on the Trail Ride except breakfast – includes Saturday morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, camp-oven dinner, Sunday morning tea & lunch.

Participants are welcome to join on horseback, or with a horse-drawn vehicle.


Trail Ride Meals Dinner only option – Horse Riders, Horse-drawn vehicles, support crews

Trail Ride Participants’ Camp Oven Dinner

6:00pm $40

Wallabella Saturday night campsite Available to registered Trail Ride participants, passengers and support crews only. Book online via www.cobbandcofestival.com.au  Two course camp oven dinner. 

Origin APLNG Cobb & Co Trail Ride

The Cobb & Co Trail Ride is a 76km ride following the path of the Cobb & Co mail coach. It is a wonderful celebration of the historical event, and we look forward to welcoming you to join us. If you are considering participating in the ride, please read the following information thoroughly.

The Route

The ride departs the town of Surat on Saturday 24 August 2024 and arrives at Yuleba on Sunday 25 August 2024. The first day of the ride is 44km with stopping points (change stations for the coach horses) roughly every 10km, where riders can take a break and pre-purchased meals will be available. On Saturday night riders and their support crew camp at a campsite with portable toilets and showers. Dinner is available – please ensure you purchase tickets for dinner, either as part of a fully catered option or by itself.  The second day of the trip is 32km and begins early Sunday morning heading towards the town of Yuleba. At Yuleba, all riders and horse-drawn vehicles will gather at an agreed spot to form up into a procession.  The ride will conclude in a street parade down the main street of Yuleba around midday with a presentation to follow. The Cobb & Co Coach follows the same route, leaving Surat slightly behind the riders – as the coach horses are extremely fit and fast the coach catches up to the riders very quickly. Riders are able to partake in whatever stage of the ride they wish, provided they communicate their intention to the ride co-ordinator or on nominating.

The Terrain

Horses and horse-drawn vehicles will leave Surat and cross the Surat bridge on the Carnarvon Highway early Saturday morning. The bridge will be closed to traffic while trail riders and horse-drawn vehicles cross. 

The remainder of the ride is a combination of bitumen and gravel roads. The first 20km of the ride (departing Surat) is on relatively flat terrain with minimal to no rocks and considered suitable for sound horses not shod. Any horses going past this point will need to have suitable boots or shoes for protection as the remainder of the travel will be on gravel and bitumen roads/road shoulders. Carriages will have either firm gravel roads or bitumen to travel on.

Horse Fitness

This ride is 76km long. Any riders wanting to complete the full ride, or any part of the ride past the first change station are to have suitably fit and sound horses for the journey. As the ride is broken into multiple stopping points, leisure riders are encouraged and welcomed to join us for stints, and float horses to the next appropriate stop. A comprehensive map of the terrain and distances can be provided to assist with your planning. There will be a vet on site for the duration of the ride to monitor horses’ wellbeing. 

Suitable Horses

Horses will be exposed to traffic, drones, bridge crossings, large crowds of people, and most frequently horse-drawn vehicles of all shapes and sizes. There will be riders of all age groups on the ride and many people on the ground. To ensure everyone’s safety and yours it is essential the horse you choose to ride is able to cope with such situations. Ride co-ordinators are happy to help you find a way to travel this ride the safest way possible, please reach out to them with any queries. We emphasise again that the fitness level of your horse must be adequate to cope with the length of the ride, even if you intend upon predominately walking the ride.

Camels & bullocks

There will be a camel team, a bullock team and a draught horse team entering Surat across the bridge on Thursday 23rd August, giving rides in Surat on Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th, and in Yuleba on Sunday 25th. While these teams will be separate from the Trail Ride participants at all times, they will be in the vicinity and horses may smell them. The camel smell could be around as their camp is not far from the wagon camp and they will be on parts of the Cobb & Co Way during the festival prior to the Trail Ride.

Please be aware that the smell of camels can upset some horses. One suggestion offered is to put Vicks on your horse’s nose. 

What to bring

You are required to bring your own stabling or yards for your horse, water buckets, hoses and sufficient horse feed for the duration of your stay. There will be space for camping and watering points available. It is your responsibility to move your camp from site to site. We suggest you bring support people who can assist you with this. There are limited loading and unloading facilities along the way. If you require loading ramps please contact our ride co-ordinators prior to the ride. 


You are welcome to provide your own meals, or pre-purchase meals online when you book your ride. All meals must be pre-booked as it’s a bit tricky to conjure up extra meals when on the track!

What to wear

This event attracts many spectators as the Trail Ride departs Surat, and then for the final grand procession into Yuleba. Riders dressed in period attire adds to the atmosphere so be sure to bring your best outfits if possible. And there are prizes to be won – keep an eye out on our socials for the major prize which involves a special heritage holiday!

More information

Upon nominating you will receive a Participant’s Pack which will include some important documents for completion and signature as well as more detailed information about the ride.

More questions?

If you have any questions or concerns or need help making a decision do not hesitate to contact our amazing volunteer Trail Ride organisers – Katie Goodwin on 0437 675 656 or Jess Cosh on 0448 511 149 or jamieandjess@bigpond.com.

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four horse drawn Cobb & Co carriage with coachman and passengers

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