The Cobb & Co Way is the route taken on Cobb & Co’s very last coach run in Australia. It runs from Surat to Yuleba, with markers along the way commemorating parts of the iconic Cobb & Co story.

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The Cobb & Co Festival is run by volunteers from Surat & Yuleba who are working together to develop and celebrate this nationally significant event. 

The Cobb & Co Festival Committee (CCFC) comprises Yuleba Development Group (YDG) and Surat & District Development Association (SDDA) members. SDDA & YDG work with many local organisations who use the Festival as a major fundraiser. The CCFC is also grateful for the strong support we receive from Maranoa Regional Council.

This Festival has come about because the two towns see the development of the Cobb & Co theme as a key way to strengthen and diversify our communities. 

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Proudly Supported by:
Maranoa Regional Council
Queensland Destination Events Program

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Travel in the horse-drawn coach, ride on your horse, or watch the action ... just don't miss the ride of the century!